Secondary School in Skórzewo

The history of the Secondary School in Skórzewo begins with the changes made by the educational system reform in 1999. Since then, the building on Poznańska street was the location of two schools: Elementary and Secondary. In 2002 both units were united into one body – complex of schools. Since 2003 the joint unit has a patron – Fryderyk Chopin.

In 2008 the secondary school got its own building located on ks. St. Kozierowski street. The building is considered to be an “architectural discovery”.

On 29th of May 2012 the patron of the school became Jan Paderewski – pianist, composer, diplomat and statesman and the school changed its name accordingly.

The modern building guarantees students a comfortable place to study. Classrooms are equipped with computer facilities; the school has its own library, tannoy and a spacious hall.

Students can get help from the school counsellor, psychologist, speech therapist and a career advice centre.

A qualified team of teachers supports all students. These teachers provide additional classes for students with learning difficulties, as well as giving extra help to gifted students. School competitions and extra activities are also organised for the students. The Secondary School in Skórzewo values and respects tradition. Every year the school celebrates important historical events. The school places importance on extracurricular activities such as, theatre, plays, music, sport and educational venues. This creates a bond with individuals in the local area as they may be involved in the organisation of such activities. There are many clubs in the school, including Koło Młodych Melomanów and traditional Tournaments of Pro Sinfonika.

The Jan Paderewski Secondary School in Skórzewo is a European school in which students have the possibility to learn English, French and German. Every year students have the possibility of taking part in the Polish-French exchange which gives them the opportunity to get to know French culture and language as well as to promote Polish culture abroad.

Our students are successful in various sport challenges, knowledge, and recitation and music competitions. Currently they take part in projects made possible by funds from the European Social Fund:
  • "Uczeń online – Nowoczesne technologie w szkole" ("Student online – modern technology at school")
  • "Dobra szkoła, lepsze praktyka, doskonały nauczyciel – Przygotowanie szkół i opiekunów praktyk do efektywnej współpracy ze studentami chemii" ("Good school, better internship, excellent teacher – Preparing schools and internship coordinators to work with chemistry students")

Uczeń online – Nowoczesne technologie w szkole

The aim of the project is to improve students’ knowledge and increase their ability to use their key skills. To achieve this, students take part in additional after school classes. They are also able to access educational materials gathered in the online education portal.

The programme contains:
  • Free educational activities for youth during the math-physic club (run weekly for two hours).
  • Access to modern e-learning technologies to aid learning. Including the online educational portal Supermemo.
  • Free gifts for participants in the beginning of the course
  • Training for teachers
  • Summer science camps for the students most committed to the program
  • Lectures at the universities (i.e. Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań) about the physics involved in driving a car and the physics of sight
  • Competition Wrzuć kurs with valuable prizes (cameras, camcorders, books)
  • Possibility of making training courses on the educational platform Supermemo.

The supermemo method allows students to learn and memorize extensive knowledge within a short time. It was developed based on extensive research of long term memory, and the factors responsible for the successful memorizing of new information. The method includes learning of new languages, humanities and sciences. The programme adjusts the number of repetitions to the individual needs of a student. With regular use of the supermemo, the amount of information forgotten is as low as 10%.

Dobra szkoła, lepsza praktyka, doskonały nauczyciel – Przygotowanie szkół I opiekunów praktyk do efektywnej współpracy ze studentami chemii

The global aim of the project is preparing an innovative internship programme based on an integrated learning system. It includes the teaching of didactic, pedagogy and psychology as well as exercises aimed at developing the key abilities for being a chemistry teacher. This will be achieved by providing schools with modern equipment and the materials necessary for the new method of conducting internships. A new system of teacher training will be developed, which will give them skills essential to be a schools internship coordinator.

The global aim is achieved by:
  • Raising the quality of practical knowledge of students from the pedagogic block of the Chemistry Department at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.
  • Preparing schools and internship coordinators for the new method of the internship
  • Training future teachers so that their abilities are coherent with European standards
  • Development of cooperation between the Adam Mickiewicz University and schools from the Greater Poland province
  • Building up teachers’ motivation to lead the internships and improve their skills.
  • Developing an online system of exchanging information and experiences between university-teachers-interns
  • Enhancing the quality of university students’ methodological preparation for leading chemistry classes. This is achieved by introducing the method of microteaching both at university and schools
  • Emphasise effective techniques of methodological and formal preparation for students conducting classes during the internship
  • Developing the methodology, analysis and evaluation of chemistry classes by the internships coordinators and students. This includes techniques of self evaluation, feedback and constructive criticism.
  • In 2007 the school took part in the project E-szkoła (E-school), an innovative venture consisting of the implementation of information and communication technologies in secondary and elementary schools of Greater Poland.

During the E-szkoła programme, 20 schools from Greater Poland were equipped with modern technology including: tannoy, laptops and other multimedia devices helping teachers during their work and aiding in the process of educating students.

The global target of the programme was to modernise the way schools work by giving teachers the possibility of effective use of information and communication technologies in their work.

There is a very active Parents Council which supports the school. Its initiatives help students and motivate them to learn and participate in classes.

Learning is not everything

Interesting after-school activities help the educational development of students. Every student is able to find something interesting:
  • Student exchange with French schools
  • Meeting with interesting people
  • School trips, celebrations, parties
  • Koło Młodych Melomanów Pro Sinfonika
  • Schools Sports Clubs: basketball, volleyball, gym
  • Sport competitions
  • Schools Voluntary Club
  • Student Parliament
  • School radio
  • Music classes
  • Chess club
  • School theatre
  • Holy Bible club

With us you can:
  • Gain knowledge
  • Develop interests
  • Meet friends
  • Feel safe and supported
  • Like school
  • Be surrounded by tolerance and understanding
  • Learn about traditions and history
  • Realise passions and dreams

Take a virtual tour in our school and watch the movie made by our students to promote the Secondary School in Skórzewo.